17 abril, 2023

Funny Hinge Prompt Answers For A Bright Dating Future 2023 Examples

Men love debating, but usually when it’s about something as ridiculously funny as to why you can eat French fries with coffee. Keep it light so as to avoid any controversial or sensitive topics that may be a turnoff. Let’s dive into some interesting examples to help females come up with interesting and funny Hinge answers. This is one of the worst prompts on Hinge but I like that it remains but it outs people easily through self-sabotaging efforts. This is rather an ambiguous and misleading prompt in my eyes.

If done well can balance self deprecation and boldness with a possible humble brag. This allows for some open-ended answers and conversation as well as an unpopular opinion. A room full of people singing happy birthday to me. That said, if there’s a cause you’re really passionate about, such as veganism, you could add it here. Just make sure you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Bonding over a fad you use to crush over at a young age is a great way to express how you have matured with time. And it’s always amusing to bond over something silly from the past. Avoid sensitive topics that are likely to evoke passionate responses. Topics on human rights, political views, global worldviews, and religion can do more harm than good. Coming across as negative or pessimistic isn’t a good look for anybody.

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Some of the Hinge questions are inherently negative. It’s generally best to either give those answers a positive spin, like this… This Hinge answer example calls attention to an attractive career in a humorous – and subtle – way. McLeod said overused puns aren’t necessarily a bad answer, since they do give her a taste of your personality. And speaking of clichés, app founder Justin McLeod advises against using puns or jokes she’s seen a million times in your Hinge prompts.

From hair trends to relationship advice, our daily newsletter has everything you need to sound like a person who’s on TikTok, even if you aren’t. “Go with witty and sarcastic but also the truth,” says a relationship expert. Dating me is like ordering the same type of burger for your typical Sunday lunch, but occasionally getting the wrong order.

I would want to be able to read minds, so I could understand people better and avoid misunderstandings. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? I accidentally sent a love letter to my crush’s mom instead of my crush.

Instead, try to always frame your answers in a positive way. Logan Ury, Hinge’s resident relationship science expert, agrees on the importance of being specific in anything you write. Keep in mind, though, that these “work for anyone” answers are still specific. That’s important, because details are eye catching, thought provoking and memorable.

Avoid picking randomly from the list because some prompt answers can be more compelling as compared to others. To that end, I even swung a coffee date by the end of my challenge. Still, though, I felt deflated about my prospects.

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The key to breaking out of this kind of funk, though, seems to involve reframing your expectations. The photo memories on your phone have a way of piercing a hole through your heart when you least expect it. It was days into the New Year when I was rudely notified that my last boyfriend and I had broken up “on this day” in 2016. Horrified, I was jolted into action, redownloading Bumble and Hinge. I scrounged around for half-decent selfies, tried to think of two truths and a lie about myself that I could put in my app bio, and recklessly swiped right and left.

«We’re the same type of weird if…»

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they answer a question like this. Lists, one-worded answers don’t reveal anything. In general, you want to add some details, examples or other conversation starters, so you can create openers for others to engage with.

To comment on a photo or prompt, you must first tap the heart button on the button right of the prompt or photo you wish to comment on. Hinge adds new prompts every so often and removes others over time. This is a great prompt for those who are direct, know what they want and not afraid to ask for it. Well, your very own Chris Evans or Dax Shepard are out there and would totally love that about you. “This prompt is really cute because it helps you focus on your unique qualities,” says Leadingham. Ahh the shower, the sacred place where most philosophizing happens.

Why would people be interested in hearing about these Hinge answers? Because everyone who’s a fan of dating apps loves a little self-deprecating humor in a Hinge profile. You’re essentially marketing yourself to attract the person you’re most compatible with. If you put garbage in …you’re going to get garbage out. Meaning you’re not going to be very pleased with the quality of dates you get.